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Welcome to ~ABC Music & Me~ Music and Learning Program for Children

Early childhood is a wonderful window of opportunity for music learning. Music activities are not just fun - they are also a perfect way to help children learn and grow. The ABC Music & Me music learning program for young children, created by Kindermusik International, is more than a music class. It is a carefully planned curriculum that celebrates the importance of music and movement to the development of young children.
Music & early childhood are such a natural pair. What a perfect time to catch a child's innate love of music, pair it with fun and educational activities, and build a foundation for a lifetime of musical learning. KI has developed a developmentally appropriate music curriculum that celebrates the importance of music, introduces music's basic "language," and nurtures those rhythmic, pattern-loving musical seeds that are naturally planted in every child's brain.
** Music stimulates learning, , lowers stress, and advances memory, attention, and brain development.
*Combining music with movement creates new learning pathways in the brain while enhancing motor skills and muscle development.
**ABC Music & Me combines structure with flexibility to enable children of all temperments to flourish. A quiet child is allowed to observe and absorb, while a highly active child's energy can be funneled into a creative and positive experience.
**Abc Music & Me includes a storytime in every class, encouraging early literacy development and skills such as listening, sequencing, empathy, and anticipation.
**Gathering in a group to sing and play is a positive way to lower inhibitions, build self -esteem, and foster a sense of inclusion. Group learning also helps children develop social skills such as turn-taking and cooperation.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Around the Farm

In class, your child’s memory and sequence skills will strengthen with stop-and-go games tucked into stories and pretend play about animals on a farm. You’ll find these stories and songs in your Home Kit, too. So when you play this month’s featured rhythm stick instruments along with the recordings, you help your child develop rhythm, coordination, and the confidence that comes with learning and playing along with you.
Home Kit: Pair of Rhythm Sticks, Home CD, and magazine-style Family Guide (includes the class story Cows in the Kitchen)
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All Keyed Up

A piano and the well-known composer, J.S. Bach, help your preschooler get ready for school this month. The answer is right at the tip of your fingers. The same fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination your preschooler needs to hold a pencil—are developed through the special keyboard-playing activities we’ll be playing in class.
Home Kit: Pair of castanets instrument, Home CD, and magazine-style Family Guide (includes the class story Coppertop and the Four Keyboards)
Openings available - Enroll today!