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Welcome to ~ABC Music & Me~ Music and Learning Program for Children

Early childhood is a wonderful window of opportunity for music learning. Music activities are not just fun - they are also a perfect way to help children learn and grow. The ABC Music & Me music learning program for young children, created by Kindermusik International, is more than a music class. It is a carefully planned curriculum that celebrates the importance of music and movement to the development of young children.
Music & early childhood are such a natural pair. What a perfect time to catch a child's innate love of music, pair it with fun and educational activities, and build a foundation for a lifetime of musical learning. KI has developed a developmentally appropriate music curriculum that celebrates the importance of music, introduces music's basic "language," and nurtures those rhythmic, pattern-loving musical seeds that are naturally planted in every child's brain.
** Music stimulates learning, , lowers stress, and advances memory, attention, and brain development.
*Combining music with movement creates new learning pathways in the brain while enhancing motor skills and muscle development.
**ABC Music & Me combines structure with flexibility to enable children of all temperments to flourish. A quiet child is allowed to observe and absorb, while a highly active child's energy can be funneled into a creative and positive experience.
**Abc Music & Me includes a storytime in every class, encouraging early literacy development and skills such as listening, sequencing, empathy, and anticipation.
**Gathering in a group to sing and play is a positive way to lower inhibitions, build self -esteem, and foster a sense of inclusion. Group learning also helps children develop social skills such as turn-taking and cooperation.


ABC Music & Me, an award-winning enrichment (early literacy and language) program for 2 to 6 year olds, was designed for early childhood learning centers, but can also be taught in a Kindermusik classroom. ABC Music & Me is a research-based language and early literacy program built around music. ABC Music & Me helps develop pre-literacy and language skills through a child’s most-loved rituals: music and storytime.

ABC Music & Me supports the early childhood standards and requirements for “high quality programs” as defined by the National Institute for Early Education. Plus for the older age group, ABC Music & Me aligns with pre-K national and state standards.

ABC Music & Me Spanish Home Materials -- addressing ELL (English Language Learners) -- are available. An increasing percentage of children entering school today come from families that speak little to no English at home.

Curriculum Description
Age Range: Age 4 to 6 years
Class Structure:
New unit theme for each month, each contains four lessons
Taught like a regular Kindermusik class, with additional option of a hosted CD

Twelve monthly units for 4 to 6 years old
Class Length: 30 minutes
Class Size: Up to twelve children in class, with or without accompanying adults

What a Child Will Experience in Class:
~Songs and rhymes to develop phonetic awareness and early reading skills.
~Introduction to Keyboard
~Introduction to musical terms
~Tapping, clacking, and ringing rhythm instruments in time with music to improve hand-eye coordination
~Focused listening with music to improve skills in following directions
~Instrument play to strengthen fine motor skills
~Developmentally-appropriate songs to develop vocal chords and expressive speech
~Learning that emphasizes storytelling, imaginative play, and taking turns.

Registration includes:
Developmentally appropriate curriculum for children ages 2 to 6 years old
4-week semester with 12 different monthly themes
Weekly 30-minute class
Monthly Home Kit that includes a magazine-style Family Guide, CD with all the music from class, and an instrument every other month