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Welcome to ~ABC Music & Me~ Music and Learning Program for Children

Early childhood is a wonderful window of opportunity for music learning. Music activities are not just fun - they are also a perfect way to help children learn and grow. The ABC Music & Me music learning program for young children, created by Kindermusik International, is more than a music class. It is a carefully planned curriculum that celebrates the importance of music and movement to the development of young children.
Music & early childhood are such a natural pair. What a perfect time to catch a child's innate love of music, pair it with fun and educational activities, and build a foundation for a lifetime of musical learning. KI has developed a developmentally appropriate music curriculum that celebrates the importance of music, introduces music's basic "language," and nurtures those rhythmic, pattern-loving musical seeds that are naturally planted in every child's brain.
** Music stimulates learning, , lowers stress, and advances memory, attention, and brain development.
*Combining music with movement creates new learning pathways in the brain while enhancing motor skills and muscle development.
**ABC Music & Me combines structure with flexibility to enable children of all temperments to flourish. A quiet child is allowed to observe and absorb, while a highly active child's energy can be funneled into a creative and positive experience.
**Abc Music & Me includes a storytime in every class, encouraging early literacy development and skills such as listening, sequencing, empathy, and anticipation.
**Gathering in a group to sing and play is a positive way to lower inhibitions, build self -esteem, and foster a sense of inclusion. Group learning also helps children develop social skills such as turn-taking and cooperation.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lesson 1 Up In the Sky

We welcomed 2 new students & their mommies this week.
Today's activities:

* ABC Music & Me Hello—Greeting Ritual ~ Today we waved tapped and were "flying" hello to our friends. This Ritual helps to develop singing skills and develop social skills. This is a song that we sing every week in class. This lets children know that we are begining our lesson and gets them "ready" Children enjoy repetition which is evident in how many times they like to hear the same story or song...
* Mr. Sun—Song and Finger Play This song also helps to develop singing skills as well as Developing those fine motor skills, which are necessary for scissor control, and holding a writing instrument.

* I like to Sing - Locomotor Movement ~ children need opportunities to develop these skills. Research shows that children that participate in activities such as the ones in today's class will help with balance, coordination, and timing which will help later on when learning how to ride a bike, dancing or playing sports.

- Sunshine Play—Instrument Play-Along
_ Robin Story—Expressive Movement
_ Robin Sounds—Focused Listening
_ Little Robin—Rhyme and Finger Play
_ Mister Robin—Song with Echoed Response
_ Someone Bigger—Storytime
_ My Kite—Expressive Movement with a Prop
_ The Color Song—Movement with a Prop
_ De Colores—Instrument Play-Along
_ Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star—Song and
Finger Play
_ ABC Music & Me Goodbye
—Goodbye Ritual

Take the fun home with you!
Play CD Track 2 and try this simple finger play with your young child. Watch how rapt she becomes when listening, watching, and moving all at once. When you’re ready, try it on your own without the CD.

Activities that integrate a young child’s senses are an extraordinary way to get—and keep—a young child’s attention. They provide a multiplicity of learning benefits, including exercising listening skills, enhancing vocabulary development, and building and refining motor skills.